I think I want to live on a boat for a while. Find my independence, you know how it is…
At least there’s signs of hope and I’m pretty good with that. At least where I am the water is warm and the ocean azure blue. And every day I can hit a decent beach. Could be worse.

Today is my youngest’s birthday. He’s seven. So hard to believe huh? I’ll miss being with him in person but skypes a treat and I’ll be back to see my boys in December… maybe they’ll visit here …maybe I’ll visit them … maybe we’ll go to Disneyland, what the hey?

So here’s two songs. One for a close friend and one for my boy, my Reason.

For my erstwhile friend who’s finding her sea legs again.

A friend of mine recently posted a Hunters and Collectors song on her FB page and reminded me how much I love them.

That raw stamping bass and rough-edged sound still makes me wanna dance and scream along with them. Quintessential Aussie. They’re kinda angry in-love guys. With break-my-heart/angry lyrics. No idea why they might appeal to me.
So here it is. A bit of love, a bit of anger, a bit of get-on-with-it.

Dog – Hunters and Collectors

Learned how to bark and I learned how to bite
When you start bleeding you talk all night, yeah…
Here’s the place where the scent got lost

Your name is Hazel, the hammer and tongs girl
You’ve got fingers like ginger-roots
Now it’s, it’s all comin’ out into the open
And I’m lickin’ your hand all over
It’s all comin’ out into the open
And I’m lickin’ your hand all over
Here’s love and the world well lost
Here’s love and the world well lost, yeah
It’s all comin’ out into the open
Lickin’ your hand all over
Lickin’ your hand all over

Fuck it …and one for me

Love and anger and yearning. Lulling then driving. Peace then tempest. Play it loud.

More Hunnas – This morning.

For my Reason

Nothing but love.

A song needing no introduction – A Song for Sleeping – Stone Temple Pilots

…You’re more than beautiful
And you’re my son
I don’t deserve this
I never thought it could be
Quite like the moment
When you first smiled at me
A toothless, wonderful feeling
Like I’d never seen…


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June 8

Another year older another year wiser. I’m like clockwork huh? Set to WA time this year (its 12:28am here)
Have a wonderful day and year.

Where on earth do I find such genius I hear you ask ….

I have my sources.

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How can nobody know?


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Poem 2009ish

I wrote this some time ago . Its time to put it out there.


For some time now I’ve been unable to find rest,
your breve breath interrupted
by my startling mid-night risings.
Calming your abrupt awakenings as I might our precious children’s
I say everything will be alright,
And as you sleep
I watch your gentle features through the night.

Our fifty yard dash morning finds you clipping
in your heels.
A brew gripped in one hand
and a camel in the other.
I demand a perfunctory kiss.
As we race to say goodbye.

Too soon for one
not soon enough for the other.

Your crazy hair
(that cant make up its mind what color it should be)
streams out the window of your squareback
as you fly past me,
a smudge on the windscreen
in the never-changing landscape.

I wend my way back home alone
and leave the door ajar –
We never know when it chooses to open.
Desperate to hold remembrances of how once I knew you
Laughing eyes and beaming face to greet me.
Your bright body yielding then enfolding;
Wrapping yourself around my size.

No sleepless nights then.
No wondering if it would be
the last time
I would ever see your face.

Simon’s Valentines Egg

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Update April 2013

Well its been a long time between drinks!

Heres whats been going on in my neck of the woods.

Don’t want to work in Sales anymore, you end up being an asshole. And every guy that owns a sales based business is definitely an asshole.

Hopefully touring Qld next year with a schools show being written by good friend Valerie Foley, lots to do there.

Kinda fell in love …kinda didnt … was kept at arms length by lover which probably avoided major heartbreak … nice work. Good life plan …works for me.

Put on a ridiculous amount of weight … could blame it on general malaise but that would be an excuse (even if true) …time to climb mountains to get fit …I need to do it for my Reason. Oooh which brings me to … havent had a smoke for over 6 months … Im such a good boy.

I’m overly fond of ellipses…. still…

My boys are coming to me in June its been too long a wait …I have to find a working solution … Im prone to crying at the drop of a hat…

Have awful awful insomnia …Ive aged twenty years in the last five …this cant be good.

Stopped taking all medication …sometimes I think its great …sometimes I think its killing me.

Still need to see more friends …I think a menial job will fit the bill …gotta get the brain churning over again…on something non-work related.

Its my brothers Birthday today …. Happy Birthday G !

Yeah thats it.

Heard this song on rage last night. I like it.

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