Poem 2009ish

I wrote this some time ago . Its time to put it out there.


For some time now I’ve been unable to find rest,
your breve breath interrupted
by my startling mid-night risings.
Calming your abrupt awakenings as I might our precious children’s
I say everything will be alright,
And as you sleep
I watch your gentle features through the night.

Our fifty yard dash morning finds you clipping
in your heels.
A brew gripped in one hand
and a camel in the other.
I demand a perfunctory kiss.
As we race to say goodbye.

Too soon for one
not soon enough for the other.

Your crazy hair
(that cant make up its mind what color it should be)
streams out the window of your squareback
as you fly past me,
a smudge on the windscreen
in the never-changing landscape.

I wend my way back home alone
and leave the door ajar –
We never know when it chooses to open.
Desperate to hold remembrances of how once I knew you
Laughing eyes and beaming face to greet me.
Your bright body yielding then enfolding;
Wrapping yourself around my size.

No sleepless nights then.
No wondering if it would be
the last time
I would ever see your face.

Simon’s Valentines Egg

About Simon

Simon Houghton creator of The Bloke Show started life as a baby, going on to become a boy and then a man, at which time he became an actor. As time passed he went on to be a director, later still he became a sales guy, then a business owner. Most recently he regressed and became a writer. Then a driver, then an actor again. Decisiveness is not one of his strong suits.
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