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Simon Houghton creator of The Bloke Show started life as a baby, going on to become a boy and then a man, at which time he became an actor. As time passed he went on to be a director, later still he became a sales guy, then a business owner. Most recently he regressed and became a writer. Then a driver, then an actor again. Decisiveness is not one of his strong suits.


I think I want to live on a boat for a while. Find my independence, you know how it is… At least there’s signs of hope and I’m pretty good with that. At least where I am the water is … Continue reading

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June 8

Another year older another year wiser. I’m like clockwork huh? Set to WA time this year (its 12:28am here) Have a wonderful day and year. Where on earth do I find such genius I hear you ask …. I have … Continue reading

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How can nobody know?


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Poem 2009ish

I wrote this some time ago . Its time to put it out there. Untitled For some time now I’ve been unable to find rest, your breve breath interrupted by my startling mid-night risings. Calming your abrupt awakenings as I … Continue reading

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Update April 2013

Well its been a long time between drinks! Heres whats been going on in my neck of the woods. Don’t want to work in Sales anymore, you end up being an asshole. And every guy that owns a sales based … Continue reading

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