Facebook conversation 5/1/10

Facebook conversation between Bj Kalms and myself – unedited (ie including my fat-fingered typos). AS you can tell BJ and I are lightning fast typers – check out the time codes!

gday mate, absolutely beautiful day here today, hows things going in scummy old seattle?
scummy lol
trying to plan our future actually
maybe approach film schools here?
we need lot of folk
ok, well stop blaming yourself for the current losses, ity doesn’t matter who didn’t talk to whom, its about streamlining, and staying motivated…i’m looking at a clean slate…nice feeling…i still got heaps of stuff written, all mixed up, but the point is…we still here…
yep i know mate
dont know what id do without you
thas the shit mate, im dealing with this shoulder pain again…but its made me realize we shouldn’t worry so much as just create…its all good mate, and it will work out…and ditto mate, u keep me thinking which i tend not to do these days
thinking is good …and bad
lets try to keep to the good stuff!
im just trying to clean house organize and start again
hehe…yep…we both too clever for ourselves unfortunately…and i think we need to approach film schools, and mebbe the old fashioned ad in the paper for voluteers etc…and get a slick premise together and ask around the studios
with ya
its getting done one way or the other
i also wrote to valerie to see if i could re-post some of her entries in her blog in ours
and being the internet is our format, mebbe internet providers?…technology people?…a webcam company?…microsoft?…that tech store you guys have…umm…radio shack?
with accreditation and links to her blog
im lost a little bj
do you want to cast the guys as tech geeks?
nope…cash…mebbe a sponsor?…someone who can give us a little leverage…mebbe free internet channels…if we promote their gear
oh ok
yep …trouble is the fuys are looking for something with some hope of a return on investment…this IS america’
of course, but you never know…look at whats happened to some of the BIG internet things…the world dancing guy had a sponsor take him round the world…the numa numa guy has all sorts of ads and free gear because he used a brand…im just thinking about money…not my department i know but i like to dabble…lol
me too…but they did cheap stuff went viral and THEN were picked up we are doing this with the assumption that we’ll go viral
but I’ll try anyhow
we are also vey un-PC ya know!
hehe…thinking big…so we look into the factors that made them go viral, and reinvent
im up for it
chgange is good
i keep woorrying about losing the original vision
maybe i shouldnt i dont know
brb pee break
they were funny, the wedding vid with dancing was kinda improvd, some shocking or controversial vids are not worth mentioning,,,cute kids gets a big hit…and i reckon we keep the characters for now…and think outside the box…mocumentary style?…journalist style?…short film?…sex sells well…but that IS america…lol
the jackass guys were interseting in a kamikaze kinda way…and the prank shows are still around
maybe what we have in shorter ups
so max 5 mins each?
yep…hit em hard and fast
and music is always a crowd puller…
im just thinking…mebbe a band?…or we write our own?
i might be able to hook us up with a weird ass band that i like -the guys a full-on stoner
ok…do it!…its all possible now mate…we can do anything, we are good at this, and its gonna take time…and willpower…but ive got that, and so do you…
i sure do im fucking determined
so i love the halloween gag you told me…i think that is good enough for a 5 minute thing…i think it needs avoiceover at the end…mebbe a warning type commercial feel?
i think lots can be cut down
the two main characters really helps us brand though id like to keep them
yep, i agree, and with the lots we can cut down.
theme opening title …two consistent characters short episodes sketch style?
sketch style works for me…the characters both comment to camera, they are an american and an aussie?
yeah why not?
i still think eclectic style and format is fine
just have anchors to make the brand easily recognizable
yep…on that note, i gotta go…mebbe we can change the format…ie one week they are cleaning house, next they are news anchors, then they are rock band being interwiewed…?…back in a couple of hours
hmmm i’ll mull it over …yeah mate I’ll be here

Okay then lets see where to next..the journey continues,


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