The boys are back in town

Great to see the wonderful Kory again after such a long time – we met at Burning Man in 2010. Kory has changed little and is as joyful and cheerful as ever. On Saturday we are doing some winter beaching up at Noosa and might do a bit of whale-watching before she heads south to work at an Ashram near Sydney. I hope I can catch her on the way back through before she flies to Fiji and eventually back to her home in California.

My boys are back! Come Sunday we’ll spend 4 days at The Gold Coast before spending much more time in a domestic- style arrangement than we did in March/April, I want them to meet my friends (and their kids)and have much more of an idea about what it would be like to live here; socializing with Aussie kids, playing a lot outdoors , and being doted on by their dad. The last weekend we are flying to spend time with their Uncle, Aunty and cousins who they love like crazy… we also get to watch the Melbourne Storm V North Queensland game from a corporate box … If it doesn’t impress the boys it sure as hell will their dad :)

Roll on Sunday!

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Simon Houghton creator of The Bloke Show started life as a baby, going on to become a boy and then a man, at which time he became an actor. As time passed he went on to be a director, later still he became a sales guy, then a business owner. Most recently he regressed and became a writer. Then a driver, then an actor again. Decisiveness is not one of his strong suits.
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