Byrne V Yorke V Jagger

Yesterday I promised a post with more substance and indeed I am working on one. However, I couldn’t let this pass.

I like Radiohead and I like the Lotus Flower film clip very much; one of its influences (for I’m assuming that’s what it is) is pretty obvious and if you want the root source of the meme look no further than Talking Heads and the choreography for David Byrne which, nearly thirty years ago, is markedly similar.

Here they both are, tell me what you think?

Enough similarities do you think?

Added 2/25 – It just occurred to me which other clip this choreo reminds me of. For those who can remember, its Mick Jagger in The Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue clip, unfortunately whoever owns the rights to the clip won’t allow people to post it on youtube so I have no embedded link .. but I’m working on it ; )

You know what; although this is kinda interesting the Lotus Flower vid is excellent and Thom Yorke is mesmerising …. and comparisons are odious.

So much for the value of this posting!

Hey! It was fun looking at Talking Heads again though wasnt it?

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