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One of the things that impresses me when I return to my homeland is the dissemination of information about government provided services. Everything from healthcare services, educational programs, grants,subsidies social security programs and entitlements to public safety awareness campaigns and the location of each of Australia’s public toilets.

Yep, that’s right, need to go? we got ya covered, just refer to the National Public Toilet Map. Lost and can’t find the nearest bog? Browse for a bathroom, plan for a pee and utilize the services of the GPS toilet locator. You can always use the ‘add to my toilets’ button – a button for those toilets you’ve developed a particular fondness for and if your favourite dunny isn’t listed you can always “suggest a toilet”.

Hey, if theres a country that you’d want to be in when seeking relief – Australia’s it.


UPDATE 26 Feb 2012

Just browsing through the National Public Toilet Map ( An initiative of The National Continence Management Strategy) …as you do, when I stumbled upon the conveniences available in The Daintree region. One such toilet, at The Riverview Van Park was so kind as to list its hours as “irregular” presumably to better relate to its users. Thoughtful.


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