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Add to my toilets

One of the things that impresses me when I return to my homeland is the dissemination of information about government provided services. Everything from healthcare services, educational programs, grants,subsidies social security programs and entitlements to public safety awareness campaigns and … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Strine

A lotta people ask me if there’s any diff’rences between Strine and the way ‘mericans talk. Well the short answer is yes, we make sense. And youse blokes’ don’t know what yer on about ‘alf the time. But fer the … Continue reading

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Australia – Socialist, Dangerous, Unfriendly

It is a sad day. In a thinly veiled attempt to encourage tourism and immigration, the Australian Government has lined the pockets of  the 2011 Economist Intelligence Unit whose report of the world’s most liveable cities numbers four Australian cities in the top ten. How ridiculous is … Continue reading

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