Two birds and two quartets

Today I met with Ruby Santiago – tattoo artist at Two Birds Tattoo.

I gimped my way into their store on my crutches for the first of our design meetings. One of the reasons for my choosing Ruby to do the work for me was her commitment to collaborate on the work to be done and her emphasis on the design process. She is lovely and was very helpful asking me to selectively narrow down my art styles in order to give her a good idea of the kind of thing I’m looking for.

I work well with words and sound but struggle with design, so I’m going to be sending her lists of words, artworks, pictures and music as resources she can utilize as she creates her first draft for me. I want this to be something meaningful to us both and something we’re really excited about, so I’m expecting the process to be quite long – which suits me fine and Ruby is good with this.

I will include all the images and materials I send to Ruby in this blog along with all of the drafted artwork she comes up with, so you can follow our progress. Ive left her with a lot of scope as she needs to own the work as much as I do, its a matter of trust and faith and clear communication – its a partnership.

My brief so far –

The names of my loved ones incorporated into an abstract work to be placed on my chest. The design, the artwork itself, is paramount – the names are to be incorporated in such a way that they are the framework of the design or integrated into the design itself… and the artwork must be such that I can add names to it in the future.

Colorful. Emotive.

Key word- Love (pure and strong- familial, platonic and romantic) Perhaps defined by color or feeling?

Names to be included
– Rod, Doreen, Gavin, Baxter, JDavid, Jacob, Shoshana, Jordan, Jenova, Fi, Luke, Amelia – Family
Jess, Katrina, Deb, Bec – Romantic
Pete, Paul, Dave, Anthony, Lee, Carita, Br. Charles – Platonic

Random associated words – use one, a few or all at your discretion – whatever connects with you

Ocean, journey, bursting, release, light, sun, strength, laughter, fabric, unity, textured, translucent, morning, resolve, portal, inner, movement, boundless, inspire, awaken, flow, fireworks, fruit, emerging, tender, flame, beauty, sky, up, lift, sweet, eyes, push, open, join, connect

I’m seeking a feeling more than a literal image – this is really paying homage to those who I love and is illustrative (in an abstract style) of how they have contributed to my life. It is gratitude, it is a celebration of who they are/were.

Rubys work for Lalo - the work that made my mind up

Music – The Satellite 4 – 03 Dustbunny from the CD “Call your Girl” l

– The Kronos Quartet with Astor Piazzolla – “Loving” from the CD “Five Sensational tangos”

Pat Metheny Group- And then I Knew

Lastly – make it yours.

So thats the brief – I’ll keep you informed of progress,


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