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Continuing the Tradition – Streaking

A play-off game at Lang Park was never complete without some wally (no disrespect to The King) having one too many, disrobing, leaping the fence and waltzing across the field to pat their favorite player on the back to thank … Continue reading

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Easter Cartoons

A collection of worthy cartoons I have scoured for whilst surfing to bring you some joy on an otherwise dour, albeit chocolate covered holiday. Most cartoons have their source somewhere on them and I strongly encourage you to visit those … Continue reading

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Redmond is an abomination

Every time a wedding takes place in Redmond, the cure for cancer is setback three years. And Christina Aguilera inches her way ever closer to becoming a 7. The greenies like to point at climate change, the loony right like … Continue reading

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My monthly indulgence

To the three missing ladies : a hot song xxx . Go Adele. Which reminds me of how much I resent this economy … in matters of love… timing is crucial.

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My despondency level hasn’t been so high since Andrew, who has always been impulsive, decided to marry that trollop Ferguson or when the extremely rare George IV coronation mug (value: at least £3500) failed to raise a single bid at … Continue reading

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